The park is located in west of Kampala covering an area of about 370 square kms and is the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks. The park harbours 68 different species of mammals including Zebra, Impala, Eland, Topi and Buffalo. Leopards, hyena and jackals are the predators that are present. The bird population includes 315 species of birds including the rare Shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, African fin foot, saddle billed stork, brown chested wattled plover, ground hornbill, and white wing warbler. The beautiful landscape with grass hills and idyllic lake shore provides a varied mosaic of habitat with gallery forest, rich acacia valleys, seasonal and permanent swamp to support this wealth of wildlife.

Within the boundary of park from where it takes it’s name is the lake itself Lake Mburo. The lake is rich in diversity of animal, bird and plant species. The best way to experience the lake is on one of several boat trips conducted daily by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with a competent guide. The activity enables visitors to see crocodiles, hippos, and a many birds. Popular activities include a guided walking safari, game drives and now it is alos possible to explore the park by a guided but self drive ATV (All terrain vehicle).

The Rubanga Forest                              

Within the park the Rubanga forest is a very small but attractive to the bird watchers. The forest though small, is a real high forest with closed canopy. There are over 40 species of birds recorded 5 of which are forest specialists and include Harrier hawk, Green pigeon, Narina trogon, Grey-backed cameroptera and Double-toothed barbet.


There are 4 tents at the Rwonyo Park Headquarters and 3 public campsites, to facilitate visitors,

The Mantana Tented Camp is within the park and caters for upmarket visitors
Mihingo Lodge commands a beautiful vantage on a rock outcrop overlooking the park

In the nearest town Mbarara visitors frequently stay at the AGIP Motel.


Its takes 3-4 hours drive from Kampala via Masaka in the direction of Mbarara to get to the park.